Building on Our History to Create a Culture of Excellence

Carter School of Excellence opened in its current location in 1913 and originally contained 20 classrooms, a swimming pool, and gymnasium. 

The building replaced an old building located at 61st and Wabash and its many annexes that dated back to 1885.

A 12-room addition opened in 1949.

The building was renovated in 1995 and a new play lot was installed in 2002. Today the building contains 32 classrooms and serves 365 students.

Carter School of Excellence is named in honor of William W. Carter (1849-1906). Carter was a former principal of the Englewood High School and Superintendent of Schools in Englewood. After graduating from Harvard University in 1872, he was offered the position of principal of the Englewood High School at the age of 23. In 1886 he became a partner in the real estate business of his father-in-law, Henry B. Lewis, and remained active in educational matters.

Photo: Harvard University Archives, HUP Carter, William W. (1)